These are loans to farmers to finance agricultural production. These loans include all loans to farmers not more appropriately classified as “consumer” or “real estate”.

Commercial or Industrial
These are loans to businesses that are sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. These loans are for commercial, industrial, or professional purposes.

These are loans to individuals for household, family, student loans, and other personal (non-business) purposes.

Real Estate
These loans are for residential construction and development, farm land, commercial real estate, multi-family residential properties, and all other non-farm, non-residential purposes.

More Information

A Personal Loan vs. Credit Card: How the Differ and Which One to Choose
When it comes to financing your personal needs, credit cards and personal loans are the most commonly used options. While both of them offer a smart way to cover various expenses or finance life events, they come with significant differences in the way they work and need to be repaid. Therefore, they are typically used for different financial goals and situations. Here's a detailed look at each option and a comparison analysis to help you make an informed decision.

Best Auto Loan Rates
An auto loan is a great way to purchase a car right away and repay its cost gradually over several years. It eliminates the need to save money for a long time so you can drive your dream car when you want it.

How to Get a Personal Loan: 7 Simple Steps to Take When Seeking Financing
Personal loans can come to the rescue if you want to buy something you need right now without saving for the item for a long time. They allow you to finance any of your personal needs and divide the entire cost by a few months or years, making the purchase quite affordable.

Student Loan Consolidation: An Ultimate Guide
Student loan consolidation is an option that makes debt management more effective. It allows you to replace all your current student loans with a larger new one. This way, you will only make a single payment on your new loan each month.

Student Loan Refinance
Student loans remain the only way to get higher education for millions of US residents. According to the data of Federal Student Aid, nearly 43 million of Americans hold federal student debt. While student loans help young people reach their career goals and a better financial future, they also bear high financial burden borrowers face after graduation or even while at school.

We assist our customers in applying for Federal, State, and Local guaranteed loans in all of the aforementioned loan categories.

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